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Invisalign® and Smart Moves® in Phoenix, AZ

To provide patients with straighter smiles through trusted treatments, Arcadia Dentistry offers Invisalign® and Smart Moves®, unique orthodontic options tailored to improve mild to moderate crowding and malocclusion. 

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

As an alternative to metal braces, clear aligners are nearly invisible plastic trays that gradually shift the position of teeth. The plastic is molded to a patient’s individual smile, ensuring comfort, durability, and discretion.

How Treatment Works

During your consultation with Dr. Milana, we use digital x-rays to create impressions of your teeth and predict their movement throughout the alignment process. These impressions help create anywhere from 12-30 aligners for your unique case as well as predict how long the entire treatment process will take.

Invisalign® and Smart Moves® trays are to be worn for two weeks at a time and are taken out when eating or brushing and flossing teeth. The aligners themselves are easily cleaned when you brush your teeth and after each meal. As you wear each new set of aligners, you will begin to notice a shift in your teeth, making it possible to watch your smile progress in real time.

Your Options for Clear Aligners

Our Phoenix dental practice office offers the following options in clear aligners: 

Smart Moves® - These clear braces are a great treatment for making small adjustments to teeth without needing to adopt the look of full metal braces. Smart Moves® invisible aligner system can straighten out slight issues in teeth position, such as crowding or gaps. Minor tooth movement is ideal for patients who have had braces before and are experiencing relapse in alignment. 

Invisalign® - This option is a more comprehensive alignment system and can be used to treat a wider range of orthodontic needs. While some patients only need minor fixes to achieve their ideal smiles, those in need of moderate care can choose a full set of Invisalign® aligners to achieve a straighter smile.

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Our office can help you find the treatment that best suits your needs, whether your smile could use some minor adjustment or you’re looking for inconspicuous comprehensive care. For more information about Invisalign® or Smart Moves® treatments, or to schedule a consultation regarding your straighter smile, call Arcadia Dentistry today!

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