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How long does Invisalign take?

Current technology has changed our lives in so many ways—it's exciting to be living in the future.

Dentistry is one area where advanced equipment and techniques can improve the lives of our Phoenix patients by speeding up treatment times and reducing costs and any discomfort.

Time after time, we see how clear plastic aligners fulfill the needs of patients who are interested in upgrading and beautifying their smiles (without metal braces).

Are you interested in Invisalign? We are more than happy to inform you of how this system can straighten your teeth in style. 

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

There's no clear-cut number that applies to everyone; there are many variables to consider before an accurate figure can be determined. Some patients only have a few minor flaws that can quickly be resolved in just a few months, while other patients may need more complex treatment. 

Dr. Milana has to consider how misaligned your teeth are first. Mildly crowded teeth can be treated in just six months, while moderate crowding could take around a year or 18 months. The more severe the misalignment is, the longer the treatment time will be.

Dr. Milana may recommend metal braces for complex cases.

The gaps and spaces between your teeth can also be corrected using plastic aligners. 

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Dr. Matthew Milana can provide all the information you may want, especially if you're considering improving your smile.

We love answering questions; we believe patients should be active participants in their own oral health and not just told how to think or what to do. Patient education is one of our main goals with each patient, and we are always more than happy to sit down and go through a procedure with you.

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