Dental Implants in Phoenix AZ

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At Arcadia Dentistry, we understand the discomfort that missing teeth can cause. The most immediate concern many patients have is how missing a tooth can have a dire effect on the appearance of their smile.

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice when they greet you or spend time with you. Having a significant and noticeable gap in your smile can be stressful and embarrassing.

Over time, if you do not replace the tooth, the jaw bone can start to deteriorate. This has a noticeable impact on your smile, leading to facial sagging, premature aging, and a space that’s hard not to notice.

Your teeth are integral in shaping your face; when you lose one tooth, you immediately notice a change in your appearance. People don’t really realize the impact teeth have on your cheeks and lips, many times changing your teeth can completely redesign the contours of your face.

A missing tooth can cause bite function can suffer because chewing is not dispersed evenly throughout your teeth. This can stress your existing teeth and lead to erosion—leading to further tooth loss! If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Matthew Milana may recommend dental implants in Arcadia to help improve your quality of life and appearance.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants function like real teeth; they act as artificial tooth roots by providing a long-lasting foundation for replacement teeth, or dental crowns. Tooth implants are an excellent long-term solution that have many oral health benefits that other dental restorations like dentures or dental bridges and crowns can not provide. The best part is that dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, making them the gold standard in tooth replacement options.

The first step is to prepare the dental implant site. Our Arcadia dentist places the implant with a special healing cap. As the implant heals, it establishes a stable and healthy connection to your jaw bone, which stimulates and helps preserve it just like a natural tooth would. This also creates a new root structure so your tooth can be restored to its optimum shape and function. Dental implants can also retain dentures and bridges, so you’ll never have to worry about them falling out or shifting anymore. Dental implants can have the same function as existing teeth, allowing you to eat what you like and laugh as much as you want. No one will ever be able to tell you’ve had restorative dental work done.

How Can Implants Help Our Arcadia Patients?

Missing one or more teeth not only affects what and how you eat (and ultimately your nutrition), but it can also lead to more tooth loss! Without a tooth root to secure your jawbone, the bone starts to recede. This leads to the “sunken” appearance that happens when people lose multiple teeth.

Not only does this affect your look, but it also changes the whole shape of your jaw. Neighboring teeth start to shift toward the gap, which can eventually result in bite problems and misalignment that requires orthodontic treatment to straighten. The longer our Phoenix patients wait to restore their teeth, the more dental work they may need in the future to repair the damage created by teeth shifting or bone recession.

Other benefits of long-lasting, durable dental implants include:

  • Preservation of the integrity of your jaw bone structure 
  • Prevention of shifting of neighboring teeth
  • Durable tooth replacement
  • Restoration of bite function, which limits enamel and tooth erosion
  • Look and feel like your existing teeth
  • Easy to speak without feeling bulky or unnatural
  • Prevention of facial sagging that happens with long-term missing teeth
  • Easy replacement if the dental crown cracks or breaks
  • No slipping and moving as with dentures
  • Easy maintenance

While there are other dental restoration procedures, dental implants are the only procedure that integrates with your jawbone and prevent bone shrinkage and tooth collapse. Dentures and dental bridges may eventually need to be replaced or adjusted because of changes in your smile when bone recedes. 

What to Expect During Your Dental Implant Procedure in Arcadia

The first thing Phoenix patients should understand that the dental implant is made up of three separate parts:

Biocompatible titanium post—This is the surgical aspect of the implant process. Dr. Matthew Milana will gently and strategically anchor a titanium post to the jaw bone. While it heals, it will fuse to the bone and create a strong and solid foundation for the rest of the implant. The healing process can take several months.

Abutment—Once the implant has healed, and Dr. Milana feels confident in how it has fused to the jaw bone, the next step is to attach an abutment to the dental implant. This is the part that your dental crown will cover.

Your personalized dental crown—Dr. Milana will design and fabricate a beautiful and natural-looking dental crown that blends in with the rest of your smile. Dental crowns can be replaced if they crack or become loose. The implant itself will never have to be replaced unless there has been an accident or injury.

Dr. Milana and the rest of our Phoenix staff have extensive dental implant training and education. We encourage patients to ask questions so they can have a clear understanding of the dental process, we don’t mind taking the time to really go through each step. Patient education is an essential process in keeping patients engaged in their oral health.

For patients who are missing multiple teeth, we may recommend implant dentures in Arcadia. Our dentist recommend dental implants because they replace the entire tooth root, which leads to bone stimulation and prevents further tooth loss.Close up of woman's bright smile

It helps to think of teeth as all members of the same team, working together to chew, bite, speak, and more. When one member is removed, the other workers have to pick up the slack left behind. They have to work harder to compensate for a compromised bite, which places a lot of stress on neighboring teeth and can lead to enamel erosion, tooth fractures, tooth decay, gum disease, infection, and other dental issues. Your dental implants work alongside your existing teeth to promote bone and teeth health.

We can heal tooth loss, give us a call today.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Smile?

If you are living with missing teeth, you can change your smile and improve your life. Contact Arcadia Dentistry to see if dental implants are a good option for you and your lifestyle. Dr. Milana and his dedicated dental team look forward to meeting your dental needs and expectations.