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In-Office Teeth Whitening: What to Expect

September 17, 2020
Posted By: Arcadia Dentistry

Would you love to see your teeth up to eight shades brighter in just one afternoon?

Professional teeth whitening allows Dr. Matthew Milana to erase years of built-up stains and discoloration. Getting your teeth professionally whitened isn't just for Hollywood elites; it is now more accessible than ever. 

If we've caught your interest, we invite you to keep reading to learn more about teeth whitening and how reliable this cosmetic dental treatment is. 

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

We start any cosmetic procedure with a dental examination and cleaning. This allows Dr. Milana to inspect your teeth and gums and catch oral health issues like gum disease or tooth decay. Cosmetic treatments should never be applied over a faulty foundation, plus the bleaching gel is distributed evenly without any plaque obstructions that can make your teeth look splotchy.

Once your smile is healthy and prepped for whitening, we'll place gauze to keep your mouth dry. This protects your gum tissue, lips, and cheeks from contact with the bleaching gel. Since the whitening treatment is professional-grade, it can cause damage if not correctly applied or protected. 

In-office teeth whitening includes gel activation, which allows for immediate and dramatic results, whereas at-home whitening treatment is more gradual and takes time. We activate the whitening gel with a special laser that is minimally-invasive and painless. 

Patients sit under the light for around 20 minutes while the light activates the oxygen in the gel and erases deeply etched stains. 

After Your Dental Procedure

Depending on the patient's needs and existing stains, we may need to do more than one round to achieve our desired shade. 

While this cosmetic procedure is not a permanent treatment, patients can extend the shelf-life by avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks. Smoking can also make teeth appear dull and yellow, so now is a great time to consider quitting!

Avoiding brightly colored meals and beverages while eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can keep your teeth bright and beautiful for many months. 

Ask Dr. Milana About Teeth Whitening for You

This cosmetic dental procedure is accessible and affordable for many people, and it can dramatically improve your appearance. Call Arcadia Dentistry today to schedule an appointment. 

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