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Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Teeth turn yellow for a variety of reasons, including age, smoking, and certain medications.

As enamel wears away over the years, you may notice a yellow appearance to your teeth. This is because the layer beneath, which has a yellowish hue, is showing through.

Smoking or tobacco use in any form can also lead to yellow or discolored teeth.

Certain antibiotics can also play a role.

Your Arcadia, AZ dentist will examine your teeth to help determine the cause of your discoloration. In many cases, we can brighten and whiten your smile again with professional teeth whitening.

In our dental office, we offer professional-grade teeth whitening, which is superior to store-bought systems. Your dentist also makes sure that teeth whitening is a safe option for you. Considerations include restorations and any oral health conditions.

If your dentist decides that professional teeth whitening in Arcadia, AZ will work for you, we take impressions of your teeth, create custom whitening trays, and send you home with these trays and our whitening gel. You can whiten on your own time as long as you follow the instructions provided by our dental office.

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