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How is gum disease treated?

Gum disease is a severe oral health complication resulting from advanced gingivitis. Fortunately, we provide gum disease treatment in Phoenix, AZ, to prevent serious complications like tooth loss and system health issues relating to the heart and lungs.

If you’re diagnosed with gum disease, it means advanced or widespread infections and inflammation across the periodontal ligaments and structures that support your teeth. Without treatment, you risk tooth loss and so much more.

Treating Gum Disease in Phoenix, AZ

Your dentist creates a treatment plan that addresses your specific level of gum disease. So, treatments may include:

  • At-home instructions for enhanced oral hygiene
  • Customized professional teeth cleaning schedule
  • Periodontal treatments in our dental office

Periodontal treatments may include root planing and scaling—recontouring gums to better adhere to teeth and cleaning gum pockets and roots for improved oral health. Your dentist may also recommend topical or oral antibiotic therapies.

Contact Your Phoenix Dentist for Periodontal Treatment Near Me

Gum disease is largely preventable with good habits like dental checkups, teeth cleanings, and an excellent oral hygiene schedule at home. We also recommend quitting tobacco to lower your gum disease risks.

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