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How does Invisalign work?

Many of our Phoenix patients love how gentle and reliable Invisalign is for straightening their teeth.

Traditional metal braces use wires to align teeth into position, but Invisalign uses a series of smooth aligners to shift the teeth gently. 

The dental technology associated with this orthodontic treatment is pretty impressive. Using 3-D technology to create a model of your smile, Dr. Milana can create a treatment plan that shows each step so that patients can anticipate each change. 

Knowing exactly how your teeth will move and being able to see a map of your treatment is one of the biggest positives of Invisalign. 

Once your first set of aligners is custom-fabricated, the next aligners in your set will be designed to be worn every one to two weeks.

Patients can see in real-time how their teeth are changing, which is a great reassurance to many.

Clear Aligners and Traditional Metal Braces

While Invisalign aligners and metal braces both pursue the same goal, there are notable differences that keep patients choosing Invisalign over and over. 

Invisalign is generally less uncomfortable than their traditional counterparts, and patients tend to feel less sore—plus, they don't have to worry about tearing up their cheeks or lips with brackets and wires!

While metal braces are fixed, aligners can be removed before brushing, flossing, eating, and to clean the trays. Aligners are also (thankfully) invisible, so they look more professional and rarely embarrass the wearer. 

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