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Matthew Milana, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.

Will my procedure hurt?

Dr. Milana and your dental hygienist will make sure you are as comfortable as possible at all times by using local or topical anesthetics. Please never hesitate to voice any discomfort so we can ensure a great visit!

We Want You to Enjoy Your Time with Us

At Arcadia Dentistry, your comfort is our priority.

Dental visits are a regular portion of maintaining your health, but just because they are necessary doesn't mean they should be stressful. Dental procedures should never be painful; we will always make sure that our Phoenix patients are comfortably numb and sedated depending on the procedure. If our patients are undergoing an invasive dental procedure, we can provide single-dose sedation valium to ensure that no pain or stress is felt. 

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If you find that you are still anxious about a procedure or that you feel any discomfort, let us know immediately by calling our Phoenix, AZ dental office at (602)-957-2170

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Arcadia Dentistry is fully open for all dentist appointments. As always, we are using stringent sanitation procedures to ensure patient safety at our Phoenix office.